Many people have asked me what/who Inversion © 2014 is about.

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The short answer is you and me. I wrote the song in 2013 (on a bass of all things!) during a recording session.
Originally I was thinking of a lyric describing an on and off relationship but quickly re-framed it into a song about our capacity to ignore the truth and go forward with a plan even though the original framework and assumptions may be faulty.

This happens in all theaters of human endeavor: business, family, relationships and the like – I used politics because it is a frame of reference that is easy relate to.

I think one of the best songs on this topic is Who Are the Brain Police? By Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

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Combine that with Cyndi Laupers’ “She Bop” and you have INVERSION.

Inversion, What’s going on in my land
Inversion, Are things getting out of hand
Inversion, inside out and flipped
Inversion, nothing seems to fit

Are we moving forward on freedoms plain
Or is this the start of a terror reign?

Inversion, who controls your mind?
Inversion, surprised at what you find?
Inversion, are your thoughts approved?
Inversion, are you following the rules?

Make sure your thoughts are well confined
Lock-stepping with the parties’ line

Inversion, social medias’ up
Inversion, don’t want to seem stuck up
Inversion, quiet down your brain
Inversion, let’s just all just miss the train

Make sure you ascribe to the populist view,
It’s incidental whether or not it’s true
Inversion, Inversion


Final Note:
….Beware the chant “four legs good, two legs bad”
Think for yourself. Analyze the issues – don’t eat whatever is fed to you!