Please spell centREfire correct!

Google tries to coerce you away from our sites and music by assuming you mean centERfire.  This takes you to websites about guns! Make sure you force Google to look where you really want! Search for: centREfire on itunes, amazon, spotify and everywhere else!

McDonald’s Music?

Was listening to a major recording artist and listened to the “band” which sounded like an iphone app. Good drum and bass program – guess people are going the McDonald’s when it comes to music.


Many people have asked me what/who Inversion © 2014 is about. Listen on You Tube: The short answer is you and me. I wrote the song in 2013 (on a bass of all things!) during a recording session. Originally I was thinking of a Read More …

We are here!

Hi All! We are excited to announce the release of our new EP! We have a video out – Just Can’t Get It Back. Take a look on our Video Page! Visit us on facebook at tagline – WiredForFantastic